At 2 years, your child has now developed a newfound sense of independence and individuality that makes them reach differently to the old rules. Your toddler will push your boundaries, test your limits and challenge your patience. 

Here are 11 parenting tips for toddlers

1 . Praise Effort, Not Just Results

 When your toddler accomplishes something, it's natural to want to praise them. However, it's important to praise their effort rather than just the outcome. This helps your child understand that their hard work is what led to their success, rather than just being inherently "good" at something.

2 . Encourage Exploration, and Learning

 Toddlers are naturally curious and love to explore their environment. Encourage this exploration by providing them with new experiences and opportunities to learn. This can be as simple as taking them to the park to play or introducing them to new books, toys, and games.

3 . Avoid Overprotecting 

While it's important to keep your child safe, overprotecting them can hinder their confidence and ability to take risks. Let your toddler try new things and make mistakes. This helps them learn and develop problem-solving skills and helps build confidence in their abilities.

4 . Encourage Independence

 As your toddler grows, they will want to do more things on their own. Encourage this Independence by letting them make choices and decisions for themselves (within reason). For example, you can let them choose their own outfit or help with simple tasks like setting the table.

5 . Give Specific and Constructive Feedback 

When giving feedback to your toddler, be specific and constructive. Rather than saying, "good job," try saying, "I'm proud of you for working so hard on that puzzle." This type of feedback helps your child understand what they did well and reinforces their efforts.

6 . Model Positive Self-Talk and Behavior

 Your toddler looks up to you and learns from your behaviour. Model positive self-talk and behaviour by speaking positively about yourself and others. This helps your child understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that mistakes are a normal part of life.

7 . Celebrate Achievements 

When your toddler achieves something, celebrate it! This can be as simple as clapping and saying "yay!" or having a small party with friends and family. Celebrating achievements helps build confidence and reinforces your child's efforts.

8 . Create a Safe and Nurturing Environment

 A safe and nurturing environment is essential for building confidence in your toddler. This includes creating a space where they feel loved, supported, and encouraged. Providing consistent routines, boundaries, and rules also helps create a sense of security and stability.

9 . Make time for your toddler.

It might be difficult for parents with a hectic schedule to sit down and spend time with their children. However, it is important to be an active participant in your child's life. Try getting up 10 minutes earlier to eat breakfast with your child or have a family dinner every night. Kids that do not receive enough attention from their parents end up misbehaving to feel noticed. 

10 . Ignore unwanted behaviour 

Ignoring unwanted behaviour can be an effective strategy when dealing with toddlers. Identify which behaviours you want to ignore and explain your plan to your toddler. When your toddler exhibits unwanted behaviour, avoid giving them attention, including eye contact or verbal responses. Instead, redirect their attention to something positive or remove them from the situation. Be consistent with this strategy, as it may take time for your toddler to understand the new approach. Remember to praise and reward positive behaviours and seek additional support if needed.

11 . Break down big requests. 

Breaking down big requests into smaller tasks can help toddlers understand and accomplish tasks more easily. Instead of asking your toddler to complete a big task all at once, break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. For example, instead of asking them to clean up their entire room, ask them to pick up their toys first, then their clothes, and so on. Use simple, clear instructions, and provide positive reinforcement and encouragement as they complete each step. This approach can help toddlers build confidence and Independence and improve their overall understanding of tasks and responsibilities.

By following these parenting tips, you are on your path to Raising Superstars a confident toddler. Moreover, make sure that you listen and acknowledge your toddler's feelings. Make them feel heard and seen.